JOINFULL was established in 2004. The company constantly works on customization development and technological innovation based on a spirit of professionalism and research and development, and evolves with the change of the market. Trustworthiness to customers is what JOINFULL's team has been proud of over the years.
It is our duty to make products with good quality which are in line with the environmental regulation (EU RoHs Directive) and do not contain substances harmful to the environment and human body. On product manufacturing, in addition to strict controls in each production stage, JOINFULL requires integration and practicability from research and development to management methods and business processes.
With the trend of internationalization, for the realization of customer demand for high quality products, we keep strengthening the development ability, technology innovation and production innovation, and continue expanding the overseas market. Our sales regions include Europe, America, Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan.
We firmly believe that a stable quality and a good reputation lead to a favorable word of mouth, which makes JOINFULL the first choice of customers.

JOINFULL has a highly flexible design mechanism and innovative research and development, and an in-depth understanding of the market trend and demand. We think and do more than our customers, and can therefore be a leader in the industry and provide excellent services to achieve customers' satisfaction.