Equipment Introduction

90 tons injection machine 2 sets
120 tons injection machine 2 sets
150 tons injection machine 3 sets
220 tons injection machine 4 sets
280 tons injection machine 5 sets
400 tons injection machine 2 sets
650 tons injection machine 2 sets
1000 tons injection machine 2 sets
2200 tons injection machine 1 set

Desiccant dryer (DHC-200)
Central feeding control system
Vacuum type automatic filling machine (520) + Hopper dryer (HDT-100)
Hopper dryer (HD-100T)

3D scan measuring apparatus
2.5D measuring device
Salt spray test machine
Film thickness testing machine
High and low temperature thermal cycling testing machine
Electronic thermometer

Production equipment, capacity, and quality characteristics

The machine adopts a microcomputer automatic control ; meanwhile, the voltage, temperature and time are recorded and controlled centrally by meters in accordance with the standard operation process (S.O.P) in order to achieve batch stability for quality control.
Each electroplating barrel is 170cm deep, and 80cm wide, so the maximum size of parts for electroplating is 130cm long x 60cm wide. Because it is rotary equipment, the uniformity of output quality is excellent.
The processes are semi-gloss nickel, high-sulphur nickel, bright nickel and porous nickel. The fully automatic integrated operation is the process for triple nickel plus microporous chromium of the highest quality requirement, and in line with high-class car factory specifications with an excellent corrosion resistance of CASS 32 hours or more.

After cleaning the finished products are in line with environmental protection regulations (EU RoHs Directive) and do not contain the six major chemical substances harmful to the human body (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, PBB and PBDE).
The electroplating production line adopts microcomputer high-frequency rectifying equipment, and the film thickness has better uniformity. Products with deep concaves can be plated, and both the appearance and the quality are good.
After taking customer orders, the mold design, production, injection molding, electroplating, assembly and delivery of products are implemented in an integrated production process with best quality control in order to meet customer requirements.